Industry Work

2022 – 2024 – Vice-Chair of the Human Factors Sub-Committee

2022 – Lead Author of the IOGP Guide 642 “How to learn when nothing goes wrong – a guide to Learning from Normal Work”.

2019 – Co-author of the IOGP Report 621 “Demystifying Human Factors: Building confidence in human factors investigation”. Access here.   

2020-2023 – Chairperson of the SPE Human Factors Technical Section

2022 – Rapid Culture Transformation Toolkit and e-learning based of the IOGP Guide 642 “How to learn when nothing goes wrong – a guide to Learning from Normal Work”. 

2021 – Author of the guidance “Are you applying Human Factors / Human Performance as per the Industry Guidance?”. Download here. 

2021 – Human Factors requirements integrated into Drillbotics competition. Learn more.    

2021 – Human Factors questions integrated into the Petrobowl student competition. Learn more. 

2018 – Co-founder of the Human Performance Oil and Gas. The first industry body devoted to helping the industry with the practical  Human Performance.

2019 – Lead Designer simplified Human Reliability Tool, called Walk Through / Talk Through. It allows to pro-actively identify where the next mistake or non-compliance can happen. Learn more.  

2020 – Lead Designer – Human Performance Recommended Practice. The industry standard for the practical application of an HF / HP program. See work to date. 

2021 – Lead Designer – Human Performance “Hazard Hunt”. A tool to help teams identify factors that increase chances of mistakes or non-compliance. Learn more. 

2021 – 1-h training. How to conduct the human factors analysis during an incident investigation using a dropped object video case study. Watch here.


2018 – Lead Designer of the Human Performance Competency Pathway. Initially developed at BP to allow cost-effective, flexible and scalable mechanism to upskill HSE and operational personnel on HF / HP. 

The Pathway includes practical tools focused on 9 different topics including HF in investigations or psychology of procedural non-compliance. 

We handed it over to the Energy Institute and CIEHF so the entire industry can benefit. Learn more.  

2018 – Co-designer of the Human Factors in Incident Investigation toolkit. A practical guidance on how to integrate HF with the investigation process. The toolkit includes additional tools such as fatigue analysis, or human error analysis tools. Access here.


2021 – Co-chair of the Human Factors Working Group. Learn more. 


2018 – I designed the first draft of the HF questions to be added into the contract pre-qualification process. These questions with some modifications are now part of the Contract Pre-qualification service in the UK.